St. Malachy's Building & Grounds St. Malachy's Building & Grounds St. Malachy's Catholic Church During July of 2007, under Rev. Brian J. Danner, Pastor, a new 3' x 8' sign was located south of the church on Gerald Street. 130357887 The Bell Tower During December of 1995, under Msgr. Louis Kollasch, Pastor, a new steel bell tower was erected. The original old bell from the 9th street church is back on church grounds after 30 years and was placed on top of the brick base surround under the bell tower. A new electronic carillon chime system was donated by Marion and Linda Romitti. Once the structure was installed in place and the speakers wired to the carillon system the beautiful chimes were heard for the first time and can still be heard each day at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm from the steel bell tower and inside the church. 130357881 St. Malachy's Parish During Fall of 1983, under Rev. Charles Yetmar, Pastor, the designing of the new church building had begun. Committees were formed and the Financial Drive for the new structure was undertaken. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on May 27, 1984 immediately following the 10:00 am Mass. The Dedication of St. Malachy's Church was held on Sunday, October 6, 1985 at 3:00 pm. 130357882 Sacred Heart Statue During Mach of 2009, under Rev. Brian J. Danner, Pastor, the Sacred Heart Statue was donated in Memorial of Joe Biondi and the Mediation Area began to take shape. 130357885 Hansen Hall Entrance 130357883